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narrative review servicesA narrative review is a type of literature review with a specific structure. It follows letters, stories, autobiographies, photos, interviews, and other texts to create a story of someone’s life. A narrative review shows how people create meanings within their personal understandings of the world. If you’re conducting a narrative review, here’s some guidelines to help you.

  • Decide a topic. It’s important to have a concept of what you’re going to write about. This can be anything from history to education to sociology, so don’t feel like you’ll be restricted by the form. Choose what best suits your goal and, of course, what your professor presented.
  • Gather your sources. These will help shape the direction of your narrative. Think about what you can use. Letters, journals, field notes, conversation – the possibilities are endless. The best things to consider are what’s available and how much space you have.
  • Organize sources. Now’s the time to start planning how your narrative review will go. Lay out the sources you’ve gathered in a rough order. You can go chronologically, by attitude, topic, or whatever else best fits your thesis.
  • Construct an outline. Take those sources and put text around them! This can be low-detail, don’t worry.
  • Fill it in. Time to finish it all up! Add more text, clean it up, and proofread. Remember, you’re weaving a story here, so keep your narrative voice interesting and clear.

Writing a Review with Analysis of Narrative Text

narrative review analysisThe structure of a narrative review is very specific, but at the same time, it’s very simple. There’s a few basic parts: your introduction, methods, narrative, interpretation, and conclusion. In your intro, introduce your question, explain why you chose it, and discuss its significance. In your methods, discuss the sources you used and how you found them, with information about how you conducted any interviews or similar human subject research. Next is your narrative! Tell the story you found and what you think is significant about it. Add more on the significance and what further is left to be studied in interpretation. In your conclusion, sum it all up and tie it all together.

Review Writing for Narrative Analysis

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Narrative Literature Review Service

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Writing Help Review Thematic Narrative Analysis

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